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Matthews Legal News

FMC & Sodium Diacetate

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Sep 24 2012 at 1:54 PM
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Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) is the largest dialysis medical care related company in the U.S.. It manufactures NaturaLyte liquid acid and GranuFlo powder acid dialysate products.  FMC is also the largest operator of dialysis centers in the U.S.   Unlike other dialysates, FMC products contain Sodium diacetate, which is different from acetic acid and citric acid used in other dialysates.  Each unit of Sodium diacetate is a 1:1 mixture of one Sodium acetate and one acetic acid.   Consequently, using 1 unit of Sodium diacetate supplies 2 units of acids to the final hemodialysis solution  Obviously, sodium diacetate, if not accounted for accordingly, can significantly increase the amount of bicarbonate delivered to the patient compared to acetic or citric based products.

Hemodialysis Patients Need Perfect Balance

Patients suffering from acute and chronic kidney disorder often must rely on dialysis and hemodialysis to have the toxic byproducts removed from their system.  To these patients dialysis treatment is a matter of life or death.

Hemodialysis buffered solution must achieve a final balanced acid/base buffer.  As with bicarbonate units, the number of acid units is displayed on the product label and disclosed with more detail in the product datasheet (acid in dialysate is measured in milliequivalent in volume expressed as mEq/L).    Achieving a perfect balance of acid and base in the final hemodialysis solution is of paramount importance.  Too much bicarbonate in a patient’s system destroys the electrolyte balance and can rapidly lead to metabolic Alkalosis, a significant risk factor associated with cardiopulmonary arrest and other cardiac and circulatory problems with high mortality.  Adding the correct number of acid units in the preparation is critical since acid units are rapidly metabolized in the liver to yield additional bicarbonate in the system.